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mercoledì, giugno 22, 2016

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Beijing Mahjongs

Beijing Mahjongs getting started Beijing Mahjongs making progress Beijing Mahjongs cool looking level Play this fantastic mahjong game that will get you completely hooked on it.

Use the shuffle feature to change up the layout and find more matches.

Enjoy the beautiful soundtrack that elevates the experience to a completely new level.
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mercoledì, giugno 15, 2016

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Mahjong Alchemy

Mahjong Alchemy: Find the Pairs Getting Pairs of Tiles in Mahjong Alchemy Mahjong Alchemy: Making a Match Select tiles of the same type

Strategize for more combinations

Remove all tiles to complete each round
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mercoledì, giugno 8, 2016

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Mahjong Of the 5 Kingdoms

Mahjong of the 5 Kingdoms Challenging Gameplay Mahjong of the 5 Kingdoms Losing Game Mahjong of the 5 Kingdoms Joker Tiles Challenge your Mahjong skills in this deceptively simple but exciting game.

Play through as many layouts as you can and get the highest score.

Devise effective strategies that will let you finish the layouts with as much time to spare!
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mercoledì, giugno 1, 2016

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Doubleside Mahjong Cleopatra

Basic Level in Doubleside Mahjong Cleoptra Doubleside Mahjong Cleoptra - Nifty Rotate Feature Level Map in Doubleside Mahjong Cleoptra Travel back in time with this intricately themed Mahjong game dedicated for mobile devices.

Clear the level challenge by subscribing to all its requirements then progress to next one.

Get challenged and amused with the different layouts and the game’s unique puzzle rotation feature.
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mercoledì, maggio 25, 2016

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Fairy Mahjong

Fairy Mahjong getting started Fairy Mahjong gameplay Fairy Mahjong making progress Enjoy this highly unique and immersive mahjong game that will deliver a highly enjoyable experience.

Solve the layouts as quickly as possible to get a high score at the end of the level.

Utilize the bonus tiles in order to make matches that are unavailable on the playing area.
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mercoledì, maggio 18, 2016

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: The Emperor’s Mahjong

The Emperor’s Mahjong creative level design The Emperor’s Mahjong easy level The Emperor’s Mahjong gameplay Play this exciting mahjong game in which the only thing that you can depend on is your own skill.

Use your skills and expertise to complete tons of brilliantly designed levels.

Enjoy the beautiful visuals and relaxing soundtrack that will make your experience unlike any other.
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mercoledì, maggio 11, 2016

Nuovo Articolo Aggiunto: Most Innovative Mahjong Games

Most Innovative Mahjong Games preview image Over the years we’ve seen and played a fair bit of mahjong games but some of the games we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying seemed to go above and beyond their competition. In this article we’ll be talking about some mahjong games that aimed to revolutionize the genre with their innovative new features. Leggi di Più
giovedì, maggio 5, 2016

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Cinco de Mayo Mahjong

Mustache layout Taco layout Cactus layout Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a game of mahjong

Challenge yourself to over 10 different mahjong formations

Groove along to the music as you enjoy levels of mahjong
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