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woensdag, november 29, 2017

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Mahjong Treasures

Mahjong Treasures: Game Play Solving Puzzles in Mahjong Treasures Mahjong Treasures: Matching Tiles Solve a unique variety of exciting Mahjong puzzles in Mahjong Treasures.

Unlock new locations and travel the world.

Compete with players in addicting game modes.
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woensdag, november 22, 2017

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Mahjong Worlds: Animal Kingdom

Mahjong Worlds: Animal Kingdom: Game Play Solving Puzzle in Mahjong Worlds: Animal Kingdom Mahjong Worlds: Animal Kingdom: Puzzle Match similar tiles before you run out of moves in Mahjong Worlds: Animal Kingdom.

Unlock four epic chapters with a series of exciting challenges.

Remove the tiles quickly and score huge bonuses.
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woensdag, november 15, 2017

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Mahjong Cards

Mahjong Cards: Gameplay Making a match in Mahjong Cards Mahjong Cards: Starting a game Enjoy the classic game of mahjong with special card-based mahjong tiles

Complete the level before the time runs out

Use hints and undos to help you get out of tight spots
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woensdag, november 8, 2017

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Mahjong Frenzy

Mahjong Frenzy: Daily reward Gameplay in Mahjong Frenzy Mahjong Frenzy: New tilesets Mahjong Frenzy Lees meer
woensdag, november 1, 2017

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Mahjong Time

Mahjong Time: Starting a game Making a match in Mahjong Time Mahjong Time: Gameplay Solve levels after levels of mahjong in this time-based mahjong game

Use hints and mix (shuffle) at the cost of reduced time

Rack up combos by matching mahjong in a chain and earn more points
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dinsdag, oktober 31, 2017

Nieuw Artikel Toegevoegd: Ways to Customize Your Game in

Ways to Customize Your Game in preview image gives players multitudes of ways through which they can customize their experience and, in this article, we’ll be going into detail about these customization options. Lees meer
woensdag, oktober 25, 2017

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Ancient Odyssey Mahjong

Ancient Odyssey Mahjong Mahjong Layout Ancient Odyssey Mahjong Locked Levels Level 3 in Ancient Odyssey Mahjong Make use of your sharp eyesight to find identical tiles in a layout of many.

Obtain codes to play another day and save your progress.

Strategize your pairings so that all tiles are freed.
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woensdag, oktober 18, 2017

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Mahjong Worlds: Exotic

Mahjong Worlds: Exotic gameplay Mahjong Worlds: Exotic fun level Mahjong Worlds: Exotic picking a region Enjoy this addicting mahjong game that doesn’t cease to impress.

Explore a variety of different areas across the world as you match together tiles as quickly as possible.

Play with various kinds of tile sets to keep things fresh as the game goes on.
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