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3 Christmas-Themed Mahjong Games You Simply Must Play!

Rate this Article If you love both Christmas and mahjong games, these are the sort of games you don’t want to miss! Mahjong Games Free - 3 Christmas-Themed Mahjong Games You Simply Must Play!

If you love both Christmas and mahjong games, here are 3 Christmas-themed mahjong games you simply must play! Take a look:

Mahjong for Christmas

Welcome the spirit of Christmas with a fun game of online mahjong in this fun browser game, Mahjong for Christmas! With only 2 minutes on the clock, you’ll need to complete each level you play as fast as you can. However, if you hit a tough patch, know that the game provides you with hints, an undo button and even shuffle just so you can jumble up the tiles when you can’t find anymore valid matches.

Race against the clock:


Similarly, X-Jong is a time-limited, match-2-style mahjong game where the goal is to remove all the mahjong tiles from the playing area. Interestingly, as you play, mahjong tiles may be randomly and temporarily turned into “special tiles”. When you make a match using any of these special tiles, you can either earn bonus points or have some extra time added to the timer. If this sounds like fun, you should definitely play this game!

Play now:

Christmas Triple Mahjong

Mahjong games have almost always required you to match only two tiles with the same patterns together, but in “triple mahjong”, the rule is a bit different – you’ll need to match 3 mahjong tiles instead! Besides this little twist, Christmas Triple Mahjong is a pretty similar to conventional mahjong games. The goal here is to remove all mahjong tiles from the board within the time limit, still. You can also earn some nice combos, and hence, bonus points by making as many matches consecutively.

Rack up some combos:

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