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3D Mahjong Games

Rate this Article Today we bring you a list of Mahjong games, fully featured with 3D visuals to get you the updated look and innovation to your casual game favorite. Mahjong Games Free - 3D Mahjong Games

Mahjong games makes up the perfect pass time to get your brains pulled together and sharp all the time. And though they pertain to be simple and all, does not entail that they don't deserve a facelift of sort. Luckily for us, these few games on our list took the bold move of stepping up the notch over the graphics side of things. Let's get to them one by one in this following article.

First we have the game 3D Mahjong Deluxe on our list. The game manages to bring one of the best puzzles solving experiences you can find out in the casual gaming world, specifically with Mahjong games. It does that thanks to the beautiful, realistic 3D graphics that is quite rare to these types of games. Not limited to this, there are multiple worlds in the game, where each one is comprised of several levels with varying layouts to beat. Once a level is completed, you will have the opportunity to uncover some beautiful wallpapers. They are well worth the game time you put in solving the puzzle.

Next we have the Mahjongg Dimensions Series - Mahjongg Dimensions Unblocked and Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe. Mahjongg Dimensions Series proves to share us games that are a lot more than meets the eye. Although at first glance it might seem like they are the typical Mahjong games that requires us to simply pair tiles together, that isn’t "simply" the case in them. These games have a full rotating 3D plane where you basically get to solve puzzles comprised of 4 planes in total. Much more, you can only match pieces that have open spaces at their edges. This means that you’ll have to rotate the playing field multiple times to find what pieces you can match. This rotation element gives the game a lot more depth and sets their games apart from the enormous crowd of standard Mahjongg games.

Also on our list is the game Tropico Jong: Butterfly Expedition. In this brilliant title, players get to enjoy the same puzzle pairing challenge of the typical Mahjong game, but with a twist. Tropico Jong presents a praise-worthy innovation when compared with the lot of other mahjong titles out there. It is in essence, a refurbished mahjong game, but nonetheless offers quite the unique twist to the classic pairing game with all the bits of polishing in all its corners.

Although particularly delivered with a fixed set of mahjong tiles, the game makes up with wonderful and crisp transitions over the game with 3D animations hovering all over the place upon creating combos and upon unlocking the butterfly tiles. The different locations on the level map also portray a distinct background in its pertaining mahjong level. Collection of the different varieties of butterflies can also be viewed like a spectacle over the valley. The game is really engaging to play, and should easily captivate the same Mahjong experience enjoyed by patrons of the game, while at the same time attempts to re-invigorate the feel of the game altogether.

We also hooked up on our list the game 3D Magic Mahjongg. In this game, players get to enjoy the same puzzle pairing challenge of the typical Mahjong game – rendered over a wonderfully polished playing field with all the bits of customization features packed in it. The game also sets out to re-invigorate the challenge in the form of showering a massive collection of tile designs to push the difficulty of every pairing game you play.

Although particularly delivered with extensive customization features to probably become the main selling point of the game, its details are truly superb and simply makes the mahjong gaming experience – even more enticing to play with. Much more, the layouts and tile designs are crisp and have smooth transitions and animations as you play through them.

Lastly, we have the game Mahjong Destiny to finsh our list. Eager to find yourself a simple, non-dragging casual game that not only gives you ease over the controls, but also stirs in a great backing story, and a full 3D for its graphics? Well, the Mahjong game, Mahjong Destiny might just set everything straight for you.

Not only that the Mahjong game is delivered a relative accompanying plot, it actually plays as a story teller – re-telling the story of a young woman in search of her true love, rendered over the background as you complete the levels of the game. Beneath this title is a high quality game, well designed layouts, and on top of that - a really distinct manner of delivery that sets it apart from the crowd. All in full 3D!

Mahjong games kept us greatly entertained for years, and probably will do more in the following years to come. So it is just fair, and necessary to get these casual games their much needed update on the visual side of things -- and just like these games on our list, that took a great leap of faith to set these forms of innovations in mahjong games, they should bring us close to the present standards of today’s gaming trends.

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