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Different Types of Mahjong Games

Rate this Article When someone usually thinks of a mahjong game they think of a pretty straightforward and simple game in which the objective is to simply clear tiles. However, there’s a lot more to these games than meets the eye and there are many different kinds of them. In this article we’ll be analyzing the different types of mahjong games and talking a little. Mahjong Games Free - Different Types of Mahjong Games

Even though the objective in pretty much every mahjong game is the same that doesn’t mean that the game can’t find ways to be unique. Over the years developers have thought of many high creative ways in which they’ve turned this relatively simple looking game into an absolutely brilliant masterpiece. There are many ways in which you can separate a game from the rest of the pack such as using a new art style, implementing new gameplay elements or overhauling the visuals completely.

The first games we’d like about are the mahjong games that manage to incorporate plot elements alongside the actual gameplay. While this might not sound as impressive on paper, it’s quite a big achievement to successfully tell a story through a mahjong game as these aren’t necessarily built for that kind of experience but developers have still found many different ways to do so. Some mahjong games are even known more for their story and less for their gameplay such as Mahjong Huntress which is a fantastic game with a story that revolves around a talented huntress who sets out on an adventure to find her groom.

Another really popular category of mahjong games is the one in which tiles aren’t even used. Although many might think that tiles are an essential component of any mahjong game, that isn’t necessarily the case a lot of times because there are many objects that can be used in place of them for a refreshing and unique experience. Mah-Jomino is an example of such a game because it uses dominos instead of mahjong tiles and the look amazing too.

Most mahjong games look quite similar because they all utilize relatively old art styles, 2D graphics and of course the same tile sets but there’s a whole category of these games that completely alter the visuals and take the look of this genre to a whole new level. The Mahjong Dimensions Deluxe series is perhaps the prime example of this category because the games in this series have a 3Dlook and the tiles can actually be rotated which makes for more interesting gameplay as well because you have to look at the pattern from many different angles in order to solve it rather than just the front.

All things considered, the categories we’ve mentioned above barely scratch the surface and there are many other out there that try to add their own unique twist to the genre. In light of all this we recommend trying these games out if you ever have the time because they’re certain to provide anyone who gives them a shot with hours upon hours of enjoyment.

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