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Best Facebook Mahjong Games

Rate this Article We have created a list of some of our favorite Facebook Mahjong games that we thought we would share with you. Mahjong Games Free - Best Facebook Mahjong Games

Mahjong games are really enjoyable games due to their addictive nature but when played on Facebook, they become a lot more exciting thanks to some extra features Facebook adds to them and in this article we’ll be discussing some of the fun Facebook based Mahjong games.

Any Mahjong game, whether simple or complex, is capable of providing players with multiple hours of enjoyment. Mahjong games are so fun because they’re really easy to play and provide a good challenge without becoming tediously difficult at times and stressing the players out.

Another reason Mahjong games are so great is that the fast paced nature of the games make playing them a lot more thrilling. Since most games will have you racing against a ticking clock, you’ll be trying to get levels done as fast as possible and this overall makes the game a lot more exciting.

Facebook is a great platform to play Mahjong games on since the extra social features really help boost the enjoyment factor. When playing on Facebook, you’ll be able to compare scores with your friends, invite them to play with you and even give them some cool gifts from time to time and all this promotes a healthy gameplay atmosphere and makes playing the game a lot more fun.

Each of these games we have for you are all played on Facebook, and they all have something unique that makes them both fun to play and a little special.

Mahjong Trails

Mahjong Trails is a great game since it offers different game modes to choose from. The addictive Mahjong gameplay is divided into two types of either standard casual Mahjong gameplay or a more fast-paced and intense type of gameplay. Both modes are equally as enjoyable and overall make the game a must-play when it comes to Mahjong games.

Dragon King Mahjong

Everybody likes dragons in a video game and Dragon King Mahjong aims to do just that. The game provides traditional Mahjong gameplay that’s been combined with a visual outlook that is based on ancient Asian culture which consisted of dragons. Overall, the game is quite enjoyable since it does a great job of bringing the traditional Mahjong formula and should definitely be tried out.

Redstone Mahjong

Redstone Mahjong is a game that tries to add in new gameplay elements into the standard formula to make more exciting opportunities. There are some cool new features in the game such as power-ups that help you when you can’t think of any moves like the Auto Sort which sorts the tiles in such a way that you can make more moves. Other than these extra gameplay features the visual outlook has also been changed to give more of a classic feel while playing the game.

Indian Mahjong

The defining factor of Indian Mahjong is probably the game’s setting. Although the core gameplay stays the same without any major changes other than perhaps the fact that it has been refined a bit to feel smoother, the game is set in an intriguing world consisting of old Indian magic and you can see some brilliant patterns blended with classic tiles. Definitely, an enjoyable game to play.

Mahjong Secret Garden

Mahjong Secret Garden is a game where you won’t just be playing through lots of brilliant levels but instead as you progress through the game you’ll also be able to keep track of the secret garden that you’ve inherited. Throughout your playthrough, you’ll acquire a lot of items that will help you bring back your garden to its former glory and this element of the game sets it apart from the crowd since this is pretty much the only Mahjong game where you have to manage a garden alongside your regular gameplay.

We loved playing all of these games, and we still do! Give them a try and see what amazing patterns and tiles are waiting for you to enjoy. We hope you like them as much as we do and that they bring you a lot of enjoyment.

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