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Final Fantasy 7 Developers Are Back in Business

Rate this Article Come hell or high water, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is getting done! Mahjong Games Free - Final Fantasy 7 Developers Are Back in Business

After several months of getting practically nothing done, Square Enix developers are back to their regular routines and to the developing of the second part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Following the very promising reception of Part 1, Square is now ready to start working on the open-world part of the story, as Cloud, Tifa and the rest of the gang are ready to leave Midgar behind and to embark on a journey around the world. The hunt for Sephiroth is about to begin.

Currently, there is no release date set for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Part 2, and it is certain that Square will need time to finish the game. Nevertheless, considering that a lot of the work has already been done for the first part of the story, it is highly unlikely that this game will require the amount of time it took to create Part 1. The developers will need to work on graphics, multiple generation console compatibility and scenery designs, but the mechanics of the gameplay are already there. If one were to give an estimate in regards to the duration of the production period, then they would say that it will take approximately two years.

Two years might feel like a really long time for the fans of the Final Fantasy series, but it allows players to explore the online promotions one can find at popular sites like There is an abundance of video and online games, so the two years until the release of the second part of FF7 Remake will not feel like a never-ending story. All a player needs to do in order to “fill the void” is to visit a gaming store or an online gaming website and to find the game or the games he or she will spend time on.

Is Square Enix Working on any other Final Fantasy Project?

Square Enix does not only work on Final Fantasy titles, but this series is the one that has funded the projects that have generated billions for the company. While there are parallel projects and several best-sellers like the upcoming Avengers, the question in everyone’s mind is when Square will release another Final Fantasy title. It would be great to see both FF7 Part 2 and a Final Fantasy 16 being released, but if the development of the latter delays the release of the first, then it would be better if the studio waits for a couple of years. A quicker alternative would be to release a remastered version of a previous FF title. It has paid off in the past and it will pay off again.

Final Fantasy fans set the bar really high, and with the release of PS5 and Xbox Series X coming up, any game that does not live up to their standards will be destined to fail. Apart from the user-friendly RPG mechanics, Final Fantasy titles are also rich in terms of storyline and graphics. The 9th generation consoles will have the hardware power to support the smooth running of such games, so Square Enix developers have the flexibility to go crazy when writing code and designing the graphics.

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