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Is Mahjong Played in Casinos?

Rate this Article Is the popular and fun tile game of mahjong played on online casino sites? Mahjong Games Free - Is Mahjong Played in Casinos?

Are you curious and want to learn more about the clicking tiles in Mahjong? Or perhaps you want to step out of your comfort zone and play the game for real money. Read on, as we’ll give you all the information you need to get started with Mahjong in land-based and online casino sites.

Mahjong In Land-Based Casinos

Mahjong in Casinos

An ancient Chinese game, Mahjong was among the first additions to the adrenaline-loaded atmosphere in brick and mortar casinos. The game is famous throughout the world, but even more so in the US, imported in the 1920s. Currently, the body in charge of hosting all tournaments across the US is the American Mah-Jongg Association.

If you’re planning a trip with hopes of hitting the best Mahjong casinos in the US, here’s a highlight of the most popular ones:

1. Hard Rock Casino
2. The Palazzo Casino
3. Gold Coast Casino
4. Waldorf Astoria Casino
5. The Venetian

How To Play; Rules Of Mahjong

To play Mahjong, you’ll need a set of 144 tiles with Chinese characters and symbols. The tiles come in three categories—Suits or Simple tiles, Honor tiles, and Bonus tiles. Bear in mind that some Mahjong variations might omit some tiles or add unique ones.

Winning at Mahjong is easy, and we’ll give you a head start with these simple rules:

1. At the start, the dealer spreads all tiles on the table face down. Players then need to collect the pieces into piles of two tiles each. Stack your piles next to each other to form a ‘wall.’

2. Next, each player will receive 13 tiles from the dealer also face down. You turn the tiles to face up and start putting them in sets of two, three, or four.

3 .You can group your 13 tiles into sets of identical stacks based on their symbols. Or, another simple option would be to combine sequential tiles according to the number of their symbols.

4. Players then need to take additional tiles from the ‘wall’ in turns, one piece at a time. If you can use the tile you pick up from the wall to form a winning hand, you declare ‘Mahjong.’ Players call this ‘winning from the wall.’

5. If you pick a tile from the wall and you can’t use it to win, you must discard one tile to the middle of the table face up. Players must maintain 13 tiles on their boards at all times.

6. When you discard a tile, any player that can use the discarded tile to complete a winning set may claim it. Again, you need to declare ‘Mahjong’ to win, and this is called ‘winning by discard.’

A winning hand comprises a right pair or set of three or four tiles and must score a minimum number of points that the house determines. All Mahjong tables, whether online or land-based, require 3 or 4 players.

Play Mahjong In Online Casino Sites

The popularity of Mahjong has made its way online as well. A few different versions are available to play, one of them being solitaire-based and another using a slot machine.

In slot Mahjong, each spin will reload the screen with a new group of tiles. Players can enjoy solitaire Mahjong just like they would any other table game, just with tiles instead of dices and cards.

Real Money Mahjong & Tournaments

Certain casinos—especially those with a sizable Asian following—offer Mahjong for real money. Others even go as far as featuring real money tournaments. These events allow players to compete for prize pool money against other opponents.

Free online Mahjong

Most gaming sites with Mahjong also offer the free game version. You'll just be trying to get the fastest completion time or the most points to beat your opponent in this mode. Either way, these sites are worthwhile if you're looking to get quick experience.

Are Mahjong Bonuses Available?

Some online casinos with Mahjong games will also provide bonuses for it. The offers, however, don't appear under 'mahjong bonuses.' Casino sites instead list them as 'table games' deals, and you can unlock them to collect free cash.

Mahjong Is For Everyone!

Mahjong may not be the most popular international casino game, but it's an entertaining and strategy-filled game that deserves a look. Once you start playing it, you'll slowly get the hang of it, and the game might turn out to be the fun you've been missing out on.

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