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Mahjong Games for Halloween

Rate this Article Here are five games that should tide you through Halloween. Mahjong Games Free - Mahjong Games for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching. If you want to get on with the times, then you certainly want to play games, especially Mahjong games, that are designed to fit with the season. Don’t fret, though; you don’t have to look anywhere else for Mahjong games that are meant to be played during the Halloween season.

Read on and find out about four Halloween-themed Mahjong games that you might want to sample during the holidays.

First, you have the aptly named Halloween Night Mahjong. In this game, you’re given a challenge by a witch - solve all 120 levels of the game, and get out of the haunted mansion in which you’re trapped in. Your adventures take you to different locations within the mansion itself, and each location contains a number of layouts.

Each layout has its own unique challenge in store for you so get ready for an unforgettable Halloween with Halloween Night Mahjong. Download a trial version from Big Fish now to give it a try. If you would like something newer, you can try its latest sequel, Halloween Night Mahjong 2 instead.

For a more “romantic” take on the season, play Halloween Stories Mahjong instead. In here, you play the role of a man named Jack. Jack is on the hunt for his wife Adele, who was mysteriously abducted by unknown forces on the day of their wedding itself.

Compared to Halloween Night Mahjong, this one has a shorter length of gameplay. It’s exactly half of the aforementioned Big Fish Mahjong game, with only 60 levels to offer you as the player. However, it holds out on its own with its well thought-of layouts and the slew of power-ups that you can use in order to make each level more manageable for you as the player.

As for graphics, Halloween Stories Mahjong does not disappoint either. The tiles are well-rendered, and very crisp to look at. You’ll feel totally spooked out by the time you finish this game.

Halloween Mahjong is the third game on the list. The moment you play this game, you’re sure to enter into the Halloween vibe right away! The visuals are full-on Halloween - from the tile designs to the image backgrounds in each layout. The game’s default tiles are made up of various spooky icons, like the Jack O’ Lantern, the Black Owl, the Ghost and many others.

Of course, you can switch tile designs at will if you don’t like the default design. You have all the freedom to so here. Just like Halloween Night Mahjong, you can give the game a try for free, for an hour, before you have to purchase it through Big Fish.

If your cup of tea are fantasy Halloween stories, then you can play Mahjong: Wolf Stories. This is yet another Big Fish game, and follows the story of a young wolf who wakes up to find his family gone and his house totally destroyed.

Mahjong: Wolf Stories takes pride in its uniquely designed levels and layouts. Players with an eye for graphics and quality will surely love this game!

If you’re still wondering what game you’d like to play for Halloween, look nowhere else! These four games should be enough to keep you occupied.

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