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Mahjong Match vs Redstone Mahjong

Rate this Article These 2 incredible games are both free for you to enjoy on Facebook, and today we are comparing these fun games so you can decide which you want to play, or of course try them both and decide for yourself. Mahjong Games Free - Mahjong Match vs Redstone Mahjong

Both Redstone Mahjong and Mahjong Match are incredible games from the genre. While they’re both built upon the same concepts, they still vary tremendously from each other and in this article we’ll be talking about each of them in a bit more detail and discussing the things that make these what they are.

At first glance, it seems that both games take a very different approach to their gameplay. First off is Mahjong Match; this game is completely different from the traditional mahjong style when it comes to playing. Instead of solving layouts on a static playing area, you’ll instead be playing on a conveyer belt which will provide you with the tiles you need to create matches on the board.

The belt is constantly moving but the good thing is that the tiles can be reused if you drop them into a box since they come back 10 seconds later if you do so. This mechanic allows you to plan ahead and adjust a bit more easily to the fast paced gameplay there is in the game. There are also different power-ups that you can utilize when things start becoming rough and you’re running out of time. Overall, the new elements synergize really nicely with each other.

Redstone Mahjong on the other hand, instead of experimenting with new things, takes a classical approach to the gameplay. You’ll find that the game plays out like a traditional mahjong game. There’s a static layout of tiles and to complete a level you must remove all these by matching together the tiles that are similar to each other.

You receive points at the end of each level depending upon how quick you were and how little mistakes you made. The beauty of this game lies in the fact that the layouts you get to solve are absolutely brilliant. They can be based on historical landmarks, mythical animals or even some classical mahjong layouts that have remained popular for more than a decade.

While the games are quite different in terms of their gameplay executions, they look quite alike in terms of art style and graphics. The default tile-set that you use is the same mahjong set that has remained in the genre for over a decade and it looks really pretty in both games. The animations of each are incredibly sharp and fluid and it really shows that a lot of effort was put into executing the visuals with perfection. In short, even though the games different in the way they play, they both still sport the same popular mahjong look that people have loved over the years.

Overall, it’s only fair to conclude that while both games have their merits, one can’t be considered better than the other shine they’re both equally as enjoyable and are capable of giving their players really long sessions of great Mahjong fun. Needless to say, we recommend trying each of them out because they gave us a lot of fun times and we’re certain that yours will be a similar case.

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