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Mahjong Trails vs Mahjong Legends

Rate this Article Today we are going to be making a comparison between 2 hugely popular mahjong games : Mahjong Trails and Mahjong Legends. Mahjong Games Free - Mahjong Trails vs Mahjong Legends

There are many different kinds of high quality mahjong games out there as of today and in this article we’ll be comparing two top tier mahjong games and discussing what each of them excel at.

The first game in our discussion is Mahjong Trails. This is a fantastic game and its defining aspect is the fact that you get to travel around the world in the game which means that you’ll experience many different kinds of environments. Other than just environments there are many different kinds of playing boards in the game as well so it excels quite heavily in terms of variety. Alongside all this it has different kinds of modes so it also caters to multiple different sorts of players.

The second game we’ll be talking about is Mahjong Legends. Unlike Trails, Mahjong Legends takes a more classical approach and instead of adding in new features it aims to execute the core formula of the game with perfection and it definitely succeeds at this task because it’s a really addictive game due to the fact that it’s really simple to understand and easy to get into. They key thing about Mahjong Legends is that the tile patterns are often arranged in creative ways such as a rabbit shape or such which makes things a lot more interesting.

First off let’s get into the gameplay aspects of these games. The core gameplay at heart of both these games revolves around the traditional mahjong formula where you click on matching tiles to remove them from the playing field and repeat this process until all tiles have been cleared from the playing field. There are of course many different factors that set these games apart for instance Mahjong Trails’ gameplay can be considered a bit more fast paced due to the blitz game mode which makes things a lot more intense.

Mahjong Legends on the other hand has gameplay that caters more towards a casual audience but to keep things interesting there are different power-ups that you can utilize in the game to give yourself a bit of an edge during those harder levels. It’s worth pointing out that power-ups are rather limited so you have to utilize what you have efficiently.

Moving further, as for their looks and visual aspects these games are definitely worlds apart from each other. Mahjong Trails is a game that takes you on a journey to various different parts of the world and in doing so you’ll get to encounter many different visual backgrounds and art styles for your tiles. The game always has something new to show to its players which always keep things fresh.

Mahjong Legends on the other hand gains its visual appeal from the fact that it has some really creative level designs with tiles arranged in really nice ways. You’ll often fined amazing looking levels where tiles are shaped into things like rabbits or other historical structures and these things are pretty good to look at.

One common thing about both these games is the fact that the amount of levels in them is absolutely insane. There are tons upon tons of levels in each game and each level has a distinct design of its own which means that both games are capable of providing long durations of enjoyment.

When all is said and done, it’s safe to conclude that both Mahjong Trails and Mahjong Legends are fantastic mahjong games that each have positive points of their own. Needless to say, we recommend that you try each of these games out as they’re certainly capable of providing hours upon hours of entertainment.

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