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The Future of Mahjong Games

Rate this Article There is a growing following for the simple pairing game of Mahjong. These type of games are surely fun, easily to get into, and relatively easy to enjoy as well. But what does the future hold for their variants, innovation, and growth? Mahjong Games Free - The Future of Mahjong Games

Mahjong Games are really enjoyable and addictive games to play. There are many varieties of Mahjong games introduced to us in the past and each different kind of game has its own unique thing on it. Mainly though, Mahjong games are uniquely portrayed in their accompanying motif or visual theme. Others have some revamped their gameplay mechanics to provide players with a relative brand new experience.

Though they are simple to play, they offer endless fun. Mahjong games provide players with a lot of enjoyment and entertainment for as much as people have puzzles to beat in the game. Sure the simple pairing process may be repetitive, but this exact simple challenge is what makes the game unique to its own and charming. For as long as there is a puzzle to beat, the game lasts.

Mahjong games though have quite been given lasting revamp that are worth keeping up with future game titles. Polishing, minute changes, and multitudes of improvements over the couple of titles have been seen through years to make up the games that we have covered and played. And in this article, we'll put more focus onto what the future has in store for these simple yet highly addictive pairing games.

First in line: Power-ups. Yes, power-ups may sound like a cheat in a game, but it brings in more depth to the gameplay, as well as complexity to the challenge. In their current state, mahjong games offer a few power-ups ranging from shuffle, undo, and hide features (of unusable tiles). Power-ups to deal great damage to the table for example (that will randomly remove a number of tiles at play) will show a promising new feature to this simple game. It would surely feel a lot more enjoyable if there were more choices of “extra leverage” for players to utilize and put into play.

A power-up that would allow players to pause the time or slow it down time would also be a great feat to include to interest the lot of the game’s patrons. This may sound to be a cheat to some, but properly managing given bonuses of power-ups – to use onto more critical times of the game brings a whole new level of challenge in the game. Much more, it would surely be interesting to obtain them through the efforts of completing puzzles, earning resources, and budget these earned resources to buy the line-up of power-ups to use onto the following level. Similar to this, there are many ways in which they can be implemented and add flavor to the usual gameplay that we have come to know with.

The game can also shed new light by putting other modes to spice up the challenge. An example of a new game mode would be a restricted mode in which you can't use any power-ups or other things like undo, this would certainly kick up the notch and potentially attract eager audience to take on the challenge.

If future solitaire games were to focus a tad bit on making an in-depth backing story to the game, it wouldn’t hurt too. For as long as the gameplay relates to the delivery of the story, a different approach onto the presentation of the game with more animations and narratives - would be great for the genre as a whole since a great story will always, and constantly fetch interested players to play.

Multiplayer modes have also seen the light over some online Mahjong titles. But making it a staple feature over the future games would also help popularize the casual game even more. While some of the current day Mahjong games have some competitive multiplayer match-up feature, the idea to get players actively playing “cooperatively” with each other is yet to be experienced. This feature may be very much welcomed by today’s roster of socially-inclined online players.

Putting everything into contrast, these ideas are just but a few to keep up with the changing times, and maximizing the potential of today’s technology. These are merely suggestions, and we at are at great hopes to find them in the days to come – to review them, and share with you.

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