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The Origins of Mahjong

Rate this Article Mahjong is a game that you can pretty much talk about with anyone nowadays due to how popular it has become over the years. Mahjong Games Free - The Origins of Mahjong

It’s a game that is being played on a variety of different platforms ranging from PC to mobile device to the actual real world Mahjong that involves actual physical. However, Mahjong wasn’t always this popular and took quite a lot of years to gain the massive following it has now and in this article we’ll be covering how this masterpiece came into existence.

The origin of Mahjong is shrouded with mystery however and the game hasn’t ever been pin-pointed to one person but what’s confirmed is that the game originated in China. Now while it might not be known who exactly was behind the creation of this addictive game, it has been displayed through various forms of evidence that Mahjong originated somewhere in one of the provinces of Chekiang, Kiangu or Anhwei. There have been many rumors circulating over the years as to which person led to the creation of Mahjong and one of them is that Confucius himself is the person behind it all.

As for timelines, physical evidence of games similar to this one dates back to centuries ago as physical evidence of tiles similar to the ones used in Mahjong has been found that date back to centuries ago some time during the 10th century which means that Mahjong could very well be a game that’s centuries old although nothing can be said for sure.

Despite the fact that the game could be centuries old, it never really found its way off Chinese shores prior to the 1900s due to a variety of different reasons but once it did, the game spread like a forest fire and made appearances in various different parts of the world ranging from Japan to Europe to the US. Once the game was introduced into the western regions, multiple different big companies began manufacturing tiles for the game that were a lot better looking which is one of the factors behind the rapid spread of the game.

One thing to note about the game is that before appearing in western regions during the 1900s, Mahjong was a lot more unpredictable game as there wasn’t really a set-in-stone rulebook to the game so people had to make things up as they go while playing it but shortly after it gained popularity, it gained an official rule-set and even began to see a lot of competitive play as interest in the game kept on growing and growing.

As of today, Mahjong is incredibly popular and as mentioned before it has even made its way into the digital world as various different iterations of the game have been released on mobile gaming and PC platforms which have led to it gaining an even bigger following.

Closing everything out, Mahjong is an incredibly fun game no matter what form of the game you’re playing and if you haven’t tried the game out yet you definitely should.

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