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Top 10 Online Mahjong Games

Rate this Article Today we bring a list of truly unique mahjong games, that every casual game patron would surely love. Not limited to the usual pairing of tiles involved solving the puzzle game, these ten games on our list persist on showcasing brand new ways to enjoy the game even more. Mahjong Games Free - Top 10 Online Mahjong Games

Today we bring a list of truly unique mahjong games, that every casual game patron would surely love. Not limited to the usual pairing of tiles involved solving the puzzle game, these ten games on our list persist on showcasing brand new ways to enjoy the game even more.

1. Mahjong Destiny. Not only that this Mahjong game is delivered a relative accompanying plot, it actually plays as a story teller – re-telling the story of a young woman in search of her true love, rendered over the background as you complete the levels of the game. Beneath this title is a high quality game, well designed layouts, and on top of that - a really distinct manner of delivery that sets it apart from the crowd.

2. Mahjong Africa. Get a hold of a unique Mahjong experience as it meets African wild life in this wonderful title. The game plays out just as any other mahjong game, with the elevated difficulty of getting towards the pairing tiles - scattered in the different faces of the 3D puzzle. This rotating world gives us the unique and better feel of the game as it endows us with a new window of interface to the relative classic game.

3. Liong: The Dragon Dance. A well-loved mahjong game acclaimed for its intriguing plot. Not limited to this, the game also incorporates different play modes – compounded with sets of varying difficulties to heighten the challenge. In this game, you'll be racing against the clock in order to solve the layout as quickly as possible in order to prevent the thieves from escaping the palace grounds. It is well presented with nifty visuals to boot.

4. Mahjong Huntress. Applauded for its bold attempt to merge 2 casual games in one title, Mahjong Huntress manages to seamlessly incorporate the valued elements of a hidden object game into the similarly addictive gameplay of mahjong. Pitched in with an intriguing story – you get a great game to get you entertained playing for hours.

5. Mahjong Duels. This game takes your mahjong expertise on a whole new level – situating you in an online competitive battle. The game’s rule is simple: Play Mahjong, and play it fast. As you get racked up with other online players, you will be challenged to clear the same puzzle with another participating online player. The one who clears the challenge first wins the game and advances over the concluding challenges. Coupled with great graphics- this title will surely impress.

6. Mahjong Garden to Go. A collection of unique Mahjong games that showcases dynamic events and active elements while you’re in the middle of the game. For instance, there is a water wheel game that rotates the playing field as you pair up directional arrow tiles in the cluster. This game heightens the challenge like never before. Innovative as it is – it retains nonetheless the very essence that made Mahjong addictive and challenging.

7. Mahjong 3P. Finally, a game endowing the legit form and mechanics of Mahjong. The game is also primed with its reward chip betting and pointing system, it invigorates the already exciting and enjoyable 3-players Mahjong game. Coupled with a level system to differentiate and bracket the participants, and thrown in with its own tournaments and clan wars, it makes up an entire game that is truly worth your time and efforts playing.

8. Doubleside Mahjong Cleopatra. A Mahjong entry from the mobile platform – showcasing challenging mahjong levels with a twist. If you have the knack for a brain stimulating challenge, then this is the game is definitely for you – for it amps up the challenge by getting two faces of puzzles which is played interchangeably (faces) and collectively (in a sense that you can do pairing of tiles that are situated on different sides of the puzzle).

9. Nikakudori. a highly addictive mahjong game that strays far from your typical mahjong experience. In this game however, the crafted tile-filled mahjong levels are sequenced for the players, with the goal of matching pairs adjacent to each other, or the ones that generally makes up a conditional a link between them. A relatively fresh experience as the game provides distinct mechanics, but at the same time engages you still with the similar pairing game that mahjong players enjoy.

10. Legendary Mahjong . In this game, you get to start with a host of choices as to what style of game you may want to try. Mainly though, it showcases its Adventure mode, bragging 500 levels to beat as you scour through the entire game. Ultimately, the goal is to restore 6 ancient temples to appease the Gods – from where you get the sections of challenge from each temple there are in the game. After 4 levels are played, another temple is unlocked, so you can unlock all the temples and play whatever mode you want, without having to finish all the boards in each temple. With 6 different game modes to play through, everything adds up to the huge amount of variety and fun to whole game.

That sums up our Top 10 list! We hope you get to enjoy these games as much as we did!

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