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Top 5 New Mahjong Games on YourMahjong

Rate this Article In love with mahjong games? Then get ready to find out about the top 5 new mahjong games on Yourmahjong that you’ll absolutely love to play. Mahjong Games Free - Top 5 New Mahjong Games on YourMahjong

It’s fair to say that mahjong games have gained their own massive fan base in recent years and if you look at the variety of games that you have on hand along with the immersive gameplay that they offer, it’s no surprise that this engaging game has taken the gaming world by storm. Though, there are new mahjong games coming out almost every single week, we’ll help you get familiar with the top 5 new mahjong games on Yourmahjong with the help of this article.

Following are the 5 best new mahjong games on Yourmahjong:

Mahjong Mahjong

With multitudes of amazing in-game features to help you enjoy a truly dynamic mahjong experience, Mahjong Mahjong is a fascinating new addition to the list of mahjong games on Yourmahjong. Since there isnt anything unique to offer in terms of gameplay mechanics as the game uses a universal set of rules, the game still offers relishing gameplay with its wide variety of layouts to choose from, the challenging levels, and the time limit factor in each level makes the game a whole lot more fun so if you’re a mahjong fan, check this new game out.

Mahjong Firefly

Offering a unique new feature where you’ll get the chance to match the bonus time tiles to further enhance your scores, Mahjong Firefly is another fantastic addition to the long list of exceptional mahjong games. The core gameplay mechanics are pretty much the same but what makes the game thoroughly enjoyable is that you’ll have limited time to solve each layout so you better bring you’re a game to the table.

Cooking Mahjong

Probably the best and the most fun-to-play out of the lot, Cooking Mahjong is an exceptional new mahjong game with plenty of amazing in-game features to keep things fresh for you at all times. The game features a stunning visual interface where instead of tiles, you’ll be joining matching delicious dishes together in order to score points so if you’re looking for something refreshing and enjoyable, this game is here to keep you entertained for hours.

Mahjongg Toy Chest

Mahjong games don’t come any better than Mahjongg Toy Chest. The game offers a unique blend of classical mahjong gameplay with toy-themed tiles and layouts to choose from and what makes the game even more entertaining is that you’ll get the chance to undo or redo your moves so in case you’ve made a wrong move, you’ll have the option to have another go. This new mahjong game is certainly one to look out for.

Mahjong Deluxe

Last but not the least, Mahjong Deluxe is another spectacular mahjong game that impresses on all fronts and is a treat for all mahjong lovers. The game gives you the option to enjoy your play in various aesthetic layouts and, if you’re stuck in a game or think the game’s gotten too easy for you, you can shuffle the whole layout to make things fresh for you so if you’re a mahjong fan, do check this game out.

All things considered, Mahjong games have their own gigantic library for you to choose from but if you’re bored of playing the rest of them, these top 5 new Mahjong games on Yourmahjong are certainly worth giving a try.

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