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We Need More Online Traditional, Board, and Casino Games

Rate this Article Sure, video games have taken the form of large open worlds and action-packed platformers, but board, casino, and other traditional games are still around and need a bit of love. Mahjong Games Free - We Need More Online Traditional, Board, and Casino Games

Games have been around since time immemorial. In human history, when men weren’t plowing the fields or waging war, they played games. Dice and card games, which were likely played in taverns and the courts of various rulers, were definitely commonplace. Meanwhile, certain traditional games like the Pok-ta-Pok (played by the Mayans) are played as a novelty, while Japanese shogi is still a common sight in the land of the rising sun.

Today, many games have taken gone online and digital, but there’s still a glaring lack of traditional, board, and casino games in the industry. This is one reason why many companies, like JackpotCity Casino, are creating casino experiences like online pokies.

The thing is, why? Why do we need more of these types of games, and will they be feasible in the long term? We think so, and here’s why:

To cater to a wider audience

Smartphones: the most accessible gaming device out there

Although today’s popular games comprise first-person shooters, massive open-world RPGs, and shared online experiences with thousands of people, players want a more traditional experience. The younger generation would most definitely play titles like GTA V, but at the same time, there are older and middle-aged audiences who would love to dive into games like poker, shogi, and even a mobile version of the traditional American game, cornhole.

With that in mind, not all games can be played on a device accessible to all: the smartphone. Almost everyone has an Android or an iOS phone, but not a gaming PC and console. Putting these games on a handheld device will undoubtedly give the entire population, especially those remotely interested in these games, the chance to play them. After all, your aunt may not jump on the opportunity to play The Witcher III but may jump on the prospect of playing mahjong and online pokies with her friends.

A large commercial potential

Poker and other card and board games are easy to learn

Traditional, board, and casino games have substantial commercial potential. Why? Well, there are a few reasons, including:

-Many know how to play them. Many people know how to play chess and poker, but not comprehensive games that require dozens of hours to beat.
-They’re accessible and easy to learn. For example, let’s look at checkers. It’s a tactically comprehensive game, but it’s so simple that a 10-year-old child can master the rules.
-People may not be able to play them for real today. Not a lot of people can play face-to-face chess and other board games due to the current pandemic, so playing digitally online is the best way to get this done.

These traditional games are part of human history

Games like mahjong definitely deserve to be played

Many of these games are a part of human society and history. Because of this, they deserve to be preserved, played, and cherished. After all, games will never die as long as people continue to play them. With that said, we’re sure that poker, mahjong, and other card and traditional board games will continue to thrive in the near future.

So, what do you think? Do we all need more of these types of games? It’s a lot to think about, but one thing is for certain: they all deserve a place on our respective gaming backlogs.

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