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What is the Best Strategy in Mahjong

Rate this Article There are some things than run true in all Mahjong, and in this article we will try to bring you some of the most useful tactics. Mahjong Games Free - What is the Best Strategy in Mahjong

There’s no doubting the fact that mahjong games are pretty great because they are quite challenging but at the same time not that hard to master so they can be enjoyed by a pretty wide audience. In this article we’ll be breaking down the various strategies that you can utilize to solve a mahjong puzzle.

The first method and perhaps the most common strategy is to pick a specific set of tiles and then work on those until they’ve all cleared. For example if you’re playing a mahjong game with a seasonal theme then each level will consist of different kinds of tiles. There will be the standard mahjong tiles and alongside this you’ll also have tiles with seasonal elements in them such as flowers and such.

One way to solve a level would be to first focus completely on the flower tiles and get rid of them before doing anything else. If you take out all the flower tiles before doing anything else then the level will look a lot cleaner overall and you’ll have less difficulty tracking down similar tiles from what remains.

One thing that’s advised when playing any mahjong game is to constantly plan ahead with every move. Due to the nature of these games, it’s better to plan for long term rather than short term. If you see a match that can happen then instead of jumping to the occasion and matching it instantly you should first look around and see how this match will affect the overall playing field.

If you feel like the match will open up new opportunities and allow you to progress further then by all means go for it however if the match is the kind that might hurt you in the long run then it’s best to look elsewhere for another one that might be more beneficial. With proper long term thinking you can usually finish a level with a really high score and with the utmost efficiency.

One thing that’s become common in most modern mahjong games is that they all have a lot of power-ups that you can utilize. Of course power-ups are great and can provide a great deal of help at times but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re available in a rather limited quantity. Whenever you feel like you’re stuck you shouldn’t just rush to use your power-up and get out the situation as soon as possible but rather take the time to think a bit and scan around the playing area for any potential matches.

Power-ups are best used in situations where you’re completely stuck and there’s not a single possible match in the playing field since that will allow you to progress further rather instead of being forced to repeat the level as there were no possible moves left.

Overall, each player has their own strategies when playing mahjong games, the strategy we’ve mentioned above is the one that’s worked for us the most. While on the top of this genre, we’d like to recommend that you try a few mahjong games out to see how great they are and even put these strategies to use.

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