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What Makes Mahjong Dimensions Blast so Enjoyable?

Rate this Article Mahjong Dimensions Blast is a fantastic Mahjong game that takes you to a brand new gaming experience that lets you hover in a 3D space solving the usual challenge of finding pairs. What makes it so enjoyable? Let’s all find out! Mahjong Games Free - What Makes Mahjong Dimensions Blast so Enjoyable?

To give a quick summary of what lies ahead playing Mahjong Dimensions Blast, are the following - First and foremost, it features dynamic gameplay, compounded by the variety of enhancements to the usual mahjong game that we are accustomed with. More so, given the unique instance of a 3D environment, it pertains to share unique bonus multipliers and boosters - with simply a top-notch gaming experience.

Ideally, something new or fresh is always given a warm welcome in the industry of gaming. With Mahjong Dimensions Blast, they accomplished this by setting off a new challenge to provide players with more interactivity, and a more dynamic playing stage – relevant to the pairing challenge handed out in a traditional mahjong game. The result is a compound of new experience, and a heightened sense of challenge to its patrons. Simply put, a great innovative success which is downright enjoyable.

Unique when compared to most mahjong titles frequenting today’s games, there isn’t a map level layout to scour through and replay the levels with as well. The game pushes the idea to change the standards of your typical mahjong game with its own main hub that renders randomly generated puzzle layouts to play through, directly being staged to hand out equivalently harder puzzles to accomplish as you earn the levels in the game. In the game, each scene is given with a time limit of 60 seconds, and the ultimate goal is to earn the most score in that time limit to gain experience and earn the levels. Levels in the game then reward you with certain game unlock-ables along with boosters and coins to put into play.

Not only that it is pretty on the eyes, Mahjong Dimensions Blast is also easy to get a hold too. Given with a quick succession of tutorial levels as the game begins, even first time players will surely get a hang of it in no time. Not limited to this, the game shows plenty of helpful dialogue boxes along the way to help teach you the core aspects of the game, to gear you up with its brand new challenging levels.

Putting its core feature onto how the game is staged, the 3D setting ultimately heightens the difficulty of the challenges as well as providing a whole lot better playing experience compare to the stereotypes of mahjong games. Rotating the playing field multiplies the actual planes to scour for tiles to pair, and at the same time handing out dynamic interaction with the game itself (which in itself is a simple yet effectively decent feature to the lot of casual gamers).

When it comes to graphics, putting on a 3D feel to your usual mahjong experience is enough to make a statement - it is wonderful and simply more enjoyable. More playing fields are handed out as soon as you meet the needed level to provide additional backgrounds to play your games with, along with increasing number of tile designs to increase randomization of the layout. The given animation over the stages feels incredibly smooth and fluid, accompanied by soothingly relaxing music and sound effects to compliment it even further.

Mahjong Dimensions Blast renders great innovations to the usual mahjong game that you are probably used playing. It defines a top notch Mahjong game that should easily grab you with its absorbing new game stage, great visuals and sound, and the lot of challenging levels to play. Definitely sets great standards for the lot of future mahjong games!

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