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What Makes Mahjong Huntress so Enjoyable?

Rate this Article Mahjong Huntress is a unique Mahjong crossed Hidden Object game that takes you to a brand new gaming experience that lets experience the challenge of both worlds. What makes it so enjoyable? Let’s all find out! Mahjong Games Free - What Makes Mahjong Huntress so Enjoyable?

When a woman is about to marry, society usually expects the woman to be extremely excited for the wedding. It is but common that women would express delight in being wed to the man of their dreams. Not only do women usually become thrilled to be married to their partners but the thought of preparing for a wedding is just everything that can make a woman happy.

But for Mary Elizabeth Riley, the thought of settling down didn’t seem quite the appeal for her. For the ambitious and independent Mary Elizabeth Riley believed that her time is better spent on other things than settling down to be a housewife. In essence, Mary Elizabeth Riley wanted more than becoming a simple housewife, she wanted to fulfill her dreams and discover what is waiting for her in the world—she simply didn’t want to be “tied” down.

Despite Mary’s strong disapproval of the marriage, Mary knew that she had some obligations to fulfill in her family. As her family drowns in debt, a marriage to the wealthy Charles Gilbertworth seemed like the only solution to help her family escape debt. On the supposed wedding day, however, news of Mary’s fiance’s mysterious disappearance seemed to be the focus. Being the ever inquisitive and curious gal, Mary Elizabeth Riley refused to sit down and watch but instead made it her mission to find the truth behind her fiance’s sudden disappearance.

The game Mahjong Huntress’ story appeal along with the unique portrayal of the main character, Mary Elizabeth Riley, seemed to be one of the most appealing and enjoyable aspects of the game. The game is set in the olden times where women were reserved and loved because of their meek and passive attitude. Despite that social expectation akin to the setting, Mary Elizabeth Riley was a cut above the rest for she stood above what society expected of her and was inevitably a breath of fresh air when it came to the portrayal of women during her time.

While most women craved for a husband to marry, Mary Elizabeth Riley yearned for the chance to explore the world. While most women would rely on other authority figures to solve a crime, Mary Elizabeth Riley chose to partake in the investigation by going through different locations and examining every crucial aspect related to her fiance’s disappearance. With Mary’s unique personality in the game, she becomes a worthy model to gamers and fans of this game, young and old, as she projects the image of independence, courage, and even wisdom.

Aside from the character’s unique charm, the Mahjong Huntress experience becomes more enjoyable with the presence of highly engaging gameplay—enhanced further by the game’s enticing graphics. The appeal of matching images has always been a gameplay aspect that always had quite a wide fan base and Mahjong Huntress does very well in providing the same matching appeal in a fresh and exciting way—in this case, the gameplay is blended beautifully with the story. Not only must players match tiles with each other in order to get more clues, but they must also defeat creatures in several Match-3 games.

With nearly 300 levels to complete, for clues, along with the unique characters The Mahjong Huntress is a true gem when it comes to providing unique Mahjong gaming fun.

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