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Why Mahjong 3P is a Good Game?

Rate this Article The game Mahjong 3P is handed out for you to play in, endowing at last - the legit form of Mahjong. Let's all find out the good game that it is in this following article! Mahjong Games Free - Why Mahjong 3P is a Good Game?

Every time we get ourselves a quick casual challenge, Mahjong games seamlessly provide the best remedy to put one's hazy day at the right pace. For the longest time, this is how we have known Mahjong.

But unlike the usual pairing bunch we have been fed with, Real Mahjong is rather more complicated and intricately designed puzzle game for 3 to four players at a time -- much similar to your favorite card games, only in tiles. Alas, the game Mahjong 3P is handed out for you to play in, endowing at last - the legit form of Mahjong.

Mahjong is pretty much popular and widely known in the eastern hemisphere of the world. But for the greater bunch of society, it is merely a paring game of tiles - figured with intricately designed bunch of tiles. Unknown to many, the game is a great brain puzzle game, a neatly designed bet game for the veterans, and seemingly just as complex as your favorite card game poker or rummy.

This legit and fast paced version of Mahjong is based on the typically more loose version of Mahjong popular in some parts of China, and mainly in Hongkong. Played with the same set of Mahjong tiles, but with a slight change with its meld (hands) mechanics and its pointing system.

The game is also primed with its reward chip betting and pointing system, it invigorates the already exciting and enjoyable 3-players Mahjong game. Coupled with a level system to differentiate and bracket the participants, and thrown in with its own tournaments and clan wars, it makes up an entire game that is truly worth your time and efforts playing.

Another note worthy thing about the game is its inclusion of an intuitive and in-depth tutorials to get you backed up firmly on the ground rules of the game. When you start off in the game for the first time, you'll be taken through a highly informative, step-by-step tutorial sequence that'll guide you through the basics of the legit 3-players Mahjong game. Although your playing through the game’s tutorial sequence, your career onto the game will start off from here as well.

Much more, each game is played with 2 co-op "real world players", from which you get to steal and create your melds with from their discards and typically compare points with every after session. The game re-creates the very atmosphere of the real game as you get to enjoy it with real player with real situation tactics expressed for every single entry of action you make.

In terms of gameplay, Mahjong 3P probably has one of the most intricate concepts there is in the world of Mahjong gaming (in PC and online gaming terms that is). Although it utilizes the classic concepts of the original game, it implements its own betting system, a multiplier system, and level bracketing system to entice all its players to play, even with their different leagues of skill. For the seasoned gamers, earning the top level entries in the “expert” and “master” lobbies is in itself rewarding (as you get to earn special gems) and of course, typically brag-worthy.

Overall, what the game shares to us is something really interesting. It deviates itself from what we have grown accustomed with, and shares with us the real game behind those tons of other Mahjong titles pertaining to have the simple pairing mechanics on them. And so, as we come to know the game, it makes up the perfect challenge for those seeking a traditional experience with the added benefits of competitive gaming and social aspects thrown in to the formula. Not only good, but a great game indeed!

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