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5 Brilliant Mahjong Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Today we are bringing you a list of 5 Brilliant Mahjong Games that we have enjoyed and we thought we would share them with you. Mahjong Spiele kostenlos - 5 Brilliant Mahjong Games

Mahjong games have always had this certain appeal behind them that's pretty every single release in the genre extremely fun to play. In this article we'll be covering the cream of the crop and talking about the mahjong games that truly caught our eye.

There are many features that go into determining whether a mahjong game is good or not. Perhaps the key factor that should exist in every single game of this genre is good level variety. There should be tons of different kinds of level layouts for players to enjoy because if not, things quickly become dull. As an added bonus, some even give players the option to design their own levels which is great for those who are looking to show off their creative side.

Gameplay isn't the only thing that matters, a good Mahjong game should come with good looks as well. There are various things that determine whether or not a mahjong game is good for instance how sharp the tiles look, how good the background artwork is and of course how fluid the animations are. If a game is good looking then naturally it becomes a lot more fun to play. The following mahjong games are those that truly stand out from the pack.

Although it comes with pretty standard gameplay, the appeal behind Mahjong Blast is the fact that the levels are actually in 3D which means that you can rotate the layout in order to solve it. This mechanic gives the game a lot more depth and the 3D element also helps improve the visuals as well so overall this is a top tier game that everyone should try it out especially considering the fact that there are over a 100 levels.

In Mahjong Zen, you're given the classical look and feel of the genre but it's coupled with some really enjoyable and fast-paced gameplay. You'll be racing against the clock in order to solve the layout as quickly as possible and the sooner you solve it, the more points you get. As for looks, the traditional style has been executed with perfection as all the tiles look really sharp, the artwork on them is high quality and overall everything looks really nice.

Dragon King Mahjong is without a doubt one of the finest Mahjong games to ever surface. It's main highlight lies in its incredible level design. Players will encounter tons of levels and each one has a unique layout; sometimes you'll run into an angel layout, sometimes you'll get to solve a butterfly layout and similar to this there are tons of other great levels that you'll get to complete.

As the name implies, Halloween Mahjong is a game that comes with a visual twist. Instead of the classic eastern look that accompanies nearly all releases in this genre, you'll find a more spooky Halloween styled game that's definitely a pleasant sight as it's a refreshing change. The awesome theme is of course coupled with some really high quality gameplay making this a brilliant experience.
Perhaps the most unique from all the games mentioned until now, in Mahjong Arena you'll actually be going up against a live player from somewhere around the world. Each player is given the same layout to solve and the winner is whoever can complete theirs quicker. It's a fast paced game that often has players on the edge of their seats trying to outplay their opponent.

Overall, it's fair to say that while these are some of the best in the genre, nearly all mahjong games have tons of enjoyment to offer which is why we recommend trying them out at least once to experience this enjoyment for yourself.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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