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Best Mahjong Games For Android

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Here are three Mahjong games that you might want to install into your Android-powered device. Mahjong Spiele kostenlos - Best Mahjong Games For Android

The development of technology has made mobile gaming possible. While portable gaming consoles have made their presence known for nearly three decades now, nothing from years past could rival the technology that is available now to people of this digital age. Communications and entertainment now come together in today’s mobile devices.

The Android operating system has been able to support a lot of mobile applications because of its open-source nature, and games are not an exception. Casual gamers can now install games like Mahjong into their mobile devices and enjoy a round or two conveniently, which sure beats having to find a specific console to plug into and play.

Here are three of the best Mahjong games that owners of Android-powered mobile devices can install and enjoy whenever and wherever they want.

First is Mahjong Solitaire Epic. Featuring full HD (1080p) graphics, the game has a very comprehensive world that players can explore. There are currently more than 1,000 Mahjong boards, each with their own level of difficulties and challenges. This means players will never run out of things to play in this exciting mobile Mahjong game, as each board is never the same.

In addition to its challenging yet easy-to-understand gameplay, this Mahjong game features beautiful backgrounds for each of the game boards that players choose to take on. There are also 8 tile sets to choose from, so you don’t feel too monotonous playing with only one type of tile again and again.

The Google Play Store also has another great Mahjong game in store for Mahjong enthusiasts, and this is the Mahjong Master.

Mahjong Master is as simple as Mahjong games get. The game even eschews the use of a tutorial at the beginning of the game. Not that it’s a loss, because the game’s mechanics are simple and easy to understand: remove all the tiles from the board by pairing them up with identical tiles. You have at your disposal two tools – Hint and Undo, which allows you to locate identical tiles quickly and to go back one move in case you make a mistake, respectively.

Mahjong Master is definitely ideal for those that are simply seeking a quick way to pass the time, wherever they might be, with their mobile device.

Mahjong games with compelling storylines are hard to come by, but Mahjong Journey makes the search all worth the while. This game tells the story of a young girl who travels all the way to Asia to find her long lost parents with her grandfather. The game’s tale is told by Mahjong levels, with each level outlined differently to challenge players in their own unique ways.

With different backgrounds featuring beautiful Asian cities adorning each level, Mahjong Journey is one trip that you will want to take on with your mobile device.

There are many Mahjong games for Android devices out there, but these three are definitely some of the best, if not truly the best, of all those games you can find in the Google Play Store.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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