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Competitive Mahjong Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Today we bring you a list of Competitive Mahjong Games that we have enjoyed over the course of our reviews and have sifted to be as great finds among other Mahjong titles to play with. Mahjong Spiele kostenlos - Competitive Mahjong Games

Mahjong games, over the course of time have always managed to impart that special addictive charm that its patrons love, as it delivers a fun and engaging experience. All the more that they are now integrated over social media sites, incorporating live challenges among eager participants - created an amplified appeal to the classic favorite.

To get us started over the article, let us first tackle the significant difference of a competitive mahjong game,compared of course to the classic pairing game that we have come to know with. In terms of play, they basically deliver the same mechanics to that of a usual mahjong game. The competition is usually injected by staging a match between two live players, challenged to solve exactly the same puzzle, with underlying hindering elements thrown in to the losing side as the other player advances further (pairs more quickly than the other).

Perhaps the reason that these socially integrated mahjong games are a whole lot exhilarating to play is that they're a lot faster-paced than the usual mahjong game. During the matches, players are challenged not only to solve the given puzzle, but are tasked to outperform the competitor too in order to win the game. As it boils down, the faster you play, the higher chance you get to win the game, and the more intensity you get while playing.

To start our list with, we suggest the game Mahjong For Two, a popular mahjong game in Facebook, which gives a relative easy access to those that are willing to enjoy a frantic mahjong competition. Populated by a lot of eager online participants makes up a pretty substantial player-base to pick a match with - contenders are given with the sample puzzle to solve. The person that earns the higher score as the timer runs out, wins the the game. One of the most competitive Mahjong titles that is pretty popular with casual gamers to boot.

Another great variety to this match-up style of mahjong gaming is Mahjong Arena, a fast-paced casual game ported over Facebook to enjoy free and easy access to the game. With colorful artwork and brimming visuals to get your games fired with, there is so much more to enjoy other than the instanced competition between two randomly picked contenders. In the game, players may choose to go against a random participant, or someone from their friends list. It offers the same puzzle to solve, and the player that solves the puzzle better (with more paired tiles in the same time duration) wins the game.

Mahjong Towers Eternity breathes new life among competitive mahjong games. Securing great polish as expected from its widely known publisher, the game offers quite a bunch of puzzles to solve and enjoy with. Starting the challenge from 250,000 layouts to choose from, the added custom-layout feature offers players the chance to create their own puzzles and share with friends. Hence, the competitive aspect of the game reveals itself in new light. A great Mahjong title that patrons would surely enjoy!

Mahjong Duels is a blend of traditional Mahjong gameplay with bits of tweaks to perfectly render a fast paced challenge to competing players. The element that is significantly different from the usual mahjong match-up is that the levels of the game dictates the pertaining goal in the pertaining duel - which in itself varies every single game. The fact that you’re going against actual players heightens the intensity of the game - handing out enormous pressure of solving exactly the same puzzle, better that that of the competition in order to win.

To complete the list, we have Mahjong Diamonds to suggest. A full-fledged mahjong game filled with extra options to get you enticed playing. Initially, the game takes a familiar approach to the usual Mahjong game that we have been accustomed with. Integrated and featured with some social elements, peer-based gaming is introduced in its multiplayer mode. Players can play against their friends or a random opponent in real time to test their aptitude towards solving the puzzle better than that of the opponent. Garnished with extra bits of tweaks like currencies and purchasable items to give you boosts in the game - makes a relative great mahjong experience.

These are just but the few games that we came across - that invites relative competition among its active players. There are almost hundreds of great mahjong titles to enjoy in our site so be sure to give us a visit every now and then. We have enjoyed playing every single challenge, and hope to have shared a great game for you to enjoy as well!

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