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Mahjong Games for the Holiday Season

Diesen Artickel einschätzen What games should you play for Christmas? Mahjong Spiele kostenlos - Mahjong Games for the Holiday Season

Christmas is in the air. Surely, you’ve felt it while you walk around your neighborhood or even in your office as you work. The vibe is surely there. Wouldn’t you want it to also be present when you’re playing your favorite Mahjong games online?

Fortunately for you, developers have known that the holiday season is one of the favorite times of the year for some people. Thus, several game developers have come up with their own Mahjong games made specifically to commemorate the best time of the year.

Here are three games that are truly worth looking at. Take note that these are all Big Fish games, which means that you’ll have to purchase them to unlock the full capacity of the games. However, you could partake of a 60-minute trial for each game before you have to make that decision.

First,we have Mahjong Holidays 2006. This one is truly unique as far as gameplay goes. Instead of opening all the tiles at the same time, the game only opens a few of them at the time while all the others remain face-down. The twist is that they only stay open for a few moments, and you’ll have to be very quick at making the pairs so they can be removed.

You’re given a time limit for removing those pairs, so you have to be doubly quick as well!

Best of all, there are three challenging game modes to choose from, so you don’t really get bored with the game that fast. Each of these difficulty settings offer something unique and different for the player, so you can experiment with each one of them to see which one suits your playing mood at the time.

All of these you can do while being serenaded with familiar Christmas melodies.

If you like some more challenge, then give Mahjong Christmas 2 a try. At first glance, you’ll think that the game is just one of those “run of the mill” Mahjong games because of the familiarity of the gameplay.

It’s when you start playing the layouts that you begin to appreciate the genius behind the game’s development. Are you the sort that likes long and rigorous Mahjong gameplay? Then you’ll certainly love this game - its more than 100 layouts can take up to an hour or even more for you to solve it.

If you pay attention to how the Christmas season really progresses (from September up until the New Year), then you’ll appreciate what Christmas Mahjong is trying to do.

When playing through the more than 100 levels in Christmas Mahjong, you’ll notice through the changing backgrounds that the game actually takes you through the different stages of the holiday season.

Even though the game is but another example of the classic Mahjong gameplay of finding paired tiles one after the other, the game takes a twist of its own by introducing restrictions on how you can make use of the Shuffle button, as well as limiting both the time you have available and the number of moves you can make.

With the holidays fast approaching, you’d do well to think about playing these games as you might just enjoy them. Have fun and happy Mahjong gaming.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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