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Mahjong Games for the Yuletide Season

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Get a hold of cheerfully themed casual game treats to hand you some of the yuletide season's vibe and the tile-pairing goodness of your favorite Mahjong games in this short article. Mahjong Spiele kostenlos - Mahjong Games for the Yuletide Season

Several Mahjong games are very much suited for a specific period of the year, intricately designed to endow us games with the Christmas vibe and spirit in them. Starting with the game Mahjong Christmas, a revamped Mahjong game – with the Christmas theme wrapped around it. It’s a nicely designed game that delivers immense challenges as you go play through.

One note worthy feature of 1. Mahjong Christmas is to interchange the pertaining tiles sets available in the game. Meaning that there are tons of variants in which the game can be played. All of which are attractively designed and just simply are appealing on the eyes while playing.

Layouts found therein can be either difficult or easy to play. It all boils down on the difficulty you choose to perfectly play it – just the way you like. The game doesn’t have a campaign mode or some pre-designed tiles, instead it has all the tools you need in order to fully immerse yourself in this magnificent world.

The game is perfect for those moments of relaxation and it’s easy fun to be had at any point in time. Along with its simplicity, it is relatively a great Mahjong title to get you acquainted with the challenge even if you never played such a game before. If you have even the slightest interest in Mahjong games, then this is definitely one of the titles you should check out. It brings in something new, fresh and exciting to the table.

Another game for the taking is 3. Christmas Mahjong – similarly, the game is published by Big Fish Games, and works its charm to get you spending a great mahjong experience with the Christmas spirit thrown into it for a bonus. Much like the other game, it’s a nicely designed levels and layouts deliver immense challenges as you progress in the game.

In this game, the mahjong levels will gradually set you towards the different phases of the yuletide season for another wonderful journey as you progress. Christmas themed tiles, colorful and cheerful backgrounds, pine trees and snow, plus the traditional and addictive Mahjong challenge of pairing clusters of tiles awaits you in this wonderful mahjong game.

Christmas Mahjong shares much of its mechanics to the lot of Mahjong games of present (most especially with those from the same publisher). The whole game is spanned across 6 different locations that shall reward you with the different phases of the season, and the different achievements to accomplish. Compounded by the option to customize the tile design – ultimately gives you a fresh new look to the game, every time.

These are two highly recommended games to let you jive in with the Yuletide season. They can both be downloaded over the Big Fish’s website and be tested for an hour prior to actually purchase. Upon purchasing them fully though, you get full contents of the games - without the need for any further micro-transactions or in-game purchases.

The trial period shall give you enough play time to experience them first hand and allow you to choose whether to buy them or pass altogether. Rest assured, these games are a recommended pick for the lovers of the genre and shall truly impart you with the season’s cheerful vibe.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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