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The Appeal of Mahjong

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Millions of players around the world enjoy this fabulous game, in this article we will try to cover some of the reasons why mahjong is so enduring. Mahjong Spiele kostenlos - The Appeal of Mahjong

Mahjong in its many forms has existed for hundreds of years, and is still a much loved pastime all over the world. With the advance of technology and the internet mahjong games are now able to be played anywhere instantly. As such there are hundreds of mahjong games available online with new games being developed all the time. What is it about mahjong that keeps people playing?

There are several different styles of mahjong available, the most popular is where you have to match 2 tiles with the same symbol on them. What makes the game more of a challenge is that you can only match tiles on the top or the edge of the pattern that you are playing. In this case you need to plan ahead a little to open up or uncover the tiles that you need.

In some games you have to finish within a certain time or in others you need to score points. In every case the you only win when all of the tiles have been cleared off the board. The standard mahjong pattern holds 144 tiles, arrayed in a pyramid style shape is the most well known and iconic styles of mahjong solitaire. But there are variations that use less tiles and array them into some amazing patterns.

The beauty of mahjong is that its made up of a number of tiles, that you can place into almost any pattern. From sailing ships to teddy bears the only limit to what can be created is your imagination. There are some patterns that are considered very difficult to beat because they have few tiles that can be matched, while others are easy to complete.

While playing a fabulous shape of tiles can be fun, its also the patterns themselves that have an effect on the game. The traditional patterns are divided into 3 suits, and 4 sets of bonus tiles. Using chinese symbols and pictures to indicate which tiles are which. In the traditional game you need to match up exact tiles such as the 4 of coins with a 4 of coins, the exception is the flowers as they can be matched with any other flower.

In the more modern era with the online versions of the game you can use almost any icon you wish on the tiles, as long as they fall into the basic categories of 3 suits and 4 bonus sets. There are sets with toys, dragons candies or types of animals, such as cats. This variety on the tiles is amazing, and can be really refreshing to play with. Animal themed tiles are particularly popular with players.

Mahjong has always been a competitive game played in pairs or groups. With the explosion of the game on the internet some games still provide this competition. Often on Facebook where you can challenge your friends and other players all over the world. The option to play against other people is also a huge draw for players and adds a thrill to the sense of completion you feel when you finish a board.

Online mahjong is easy to find online, and the simple act of pushing a button to set up a game board is very appealing. Traditional sets of 144 tiles can be difficult to set up by hand, but with the option to find a cool pattern and just play it is a huge attraction. There are hundreds of combinations available at the press of a button, and the variety is amazing and keeps mahjong interesting to play.

Mahjong is played by millions of people all over the world and it’s easy to see why. With so many patterns, wonderful tiles and styles of mahjong available it is no surprise that mahjong is so popular. If you enjoy the classic pattern and tiles, or are looking for something new there is going to be the perfect mahjong game for you out there to enjoy.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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