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Two Mahjong Games with Great Plots

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Today we are bringing you two unique games, honing the presence of your favorite casual game Mahjong. Not limited to the usual pairing chore you always get play among different titles, these two games persist on delivering a brand new experience to get you delighted playing Mahjong - a whole lot more! Mahjong Spiele kostenlos - Two Mahjong Games with Great Plots

Today we are bringing you two unique titles, honing the presence of your favorite casual game Mahjong in their games. Not limited to the usual pairing chore you always get play among different titles, these two games stepped it up a notch on delivering a brand new experience to get you delighted playing Mahjong - a whole lot better!

These games are acclaimed for their unique way - to not only get us the challenge we love about them, but the overall way the game gets presented. Both having a unique aspect (innovation if you will) that appeals to the lot of casual gamers, getting them easily hooked.

First we have the game Mahjong Huntress. Unusually having an accompanying plot with a typical Mahjong game, you even get to set foot onto a character to play in this game. At the basic premise of Mahjong Huntress, you are designated as a damsel affixed over a marriage to resolve your family’s crisis. At the day before your wedding, your supposed groom is nowhere to be found and has completely vanished. Now with your deductive skills, take on the task to find out what have conspired in the recent events and ultimately seam together what transpired and unveil the truth behind everything.

With this, you then take on your personal investigative journey scouring for clues in your mansion, over the recent activities that have transpired therein, and engaging through the lot of mahjong puzzles to beat in order to gain the needed clues to advance in the game. As you clear the mahjong puzzles in this game, several clues are given to add progress to your relevant case at hand.

Graphics-wise, Mahjong Huntress is also given a touch polish and lots of love. Even the manner of delivery of the story highly pars that of the usual high production quality hidden object games of the same publisher. It makes the humble pairing game of mahjong a whole lot more enjoyable to play with and undeniably an eye-pleaser. Same goes with the very sharp detail found in the lot of tiles in the game. Although it does not come with interchangeable tile designs, they are well designed that it makes them really easy to distinguish from one another.

We also have a game, much similar to the promising features of Mahjong Huntress. Welcome, the game Mahjong Destiny. Not only that this Mahjong game is delivered a relative accompanying plot, it actually plays as a story teller – re-telling the story of a young woman in search of her true love, rendered over the background as you complete the levels of the game. Beneath this title is a high quality game, well designed layouts, and on top of that - a really distinct manner of delivery that sets it apart from the crowd.

At the onset, you’ll be welcomed by a monk that gives you a relative introduction of what you’ll be expecting to do in the game from this point onwards. Basically, the story is spanned across several checkpoints (all 74 of them) within the game. As you get to a checkpoint, you’d be in for a point of interest – that will prompt a puzzle game to you at the same time. Puzzle games are mainly the Mahjong tiles clustered over neatly designed layouts – where you take the efforts to pair and clear them off the screen to continue with your journey. As you beat each layout, you’ll continue on with the narrative, meet different characters therein, and ultimately deliver to you the accompanying story of the game.

The method of playing is pretty simple as you just need to match together two similar tiles in succession to remove them from the playing area and basically repeat this process until you clear the screen from any tiles to pair.

Overall, it's fair to say that while these two games are some of the best in the genre, a lot of titles out there still manages to offer tons of exciting features to get you hooked in for a game or two. It's just that these two offer the most intriguing and expansive plots, spanned through their games. Get to try them for your own and tell us what you think!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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