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What Makes Mahjong Duels so Enjoyable?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Mahjong Duels is a great Mahjong game that situates you in a competitive gaming experience that gets you racked up with other online players to solve the usual pairing challenge of a Mahjong game. What makes this game so enjoyable? Let’s all find out in this short article! Mahjong Spiele kostenlos - What Makes Mahjong Duels so Enjoyable?

When the usual pairing of mahjong tiles become stale and redundant for your taste, embrace the new challenge of getting racked up with other live participants to solve the given puzzle, the fastest. This is the core idea behind the massively enjoyed and popular game Mahjong Duels. The game is an engaging Facebook based mahjong game that blends the traditional concepts of tile-pairing in mahjong game and implements a bit of fast paced competitive activity among it active participants.

We have previously reviewed the game and while at it, came up with list of ideas to why the game is so enjoyable and unique to its own. To get us started with the reasons, we have the competitive aspect of Mahjong Duels. Thrown in with the traditional Mahjong gameplay, the game is tweaked to perfectly situate the competition against two live players of the game. As for the veterans of the casual game, they are in for a new spice when handling the same puzzle but getting racked up by a competing player, to out-best each other while solving the given challenge.

The key element that is significantly different is that you will have every single game played with a competing live player, and that you have no clue whatsoever regarding the skill and capacity of the of the competition. The fact that you’re going against actual players makes the feel of the game entirely different as you get enormous pressure handling exactly the same amount of focus at an outrageous crunch time to beat the competition (as both players are rushing to finish before the other).

As you get staged with a competition in the game, follows the tournaments therein (which are a really good feature of the game). They consists a list of participating players playing, stacked against each other in a match to see who’s the quickest. The first player to complete the objective wins the game as well as the pot money for reward, while the losing player don’t get anything to build up the pressure – altogether creating an intense environment during the matches. This outlines a rattling challenge compared to the usual bunch and of course, a sweeter reward of winning a match thereafter.

When it comes to its presentation, Mahjong Duels is a sure pleaser as well. Its interface is sleek and really easy to get a hold of, especially to those new with this type of game. A main hub area is dedicated to navigate in and around the game and scour for the matches themselves. The game hones a familiar looking layout similar to what is expected to your usual mahjong game – of course, with the identifying differences such as the point counter between you and your competitor to figure out who’s leading, and who’s losing the match.

Other than that, we have the ease of access. Due to the majority of casual games being published over social network sites, a lot of them are easily integrated to it – fetching enormous number of players to dig in for some quick and free match-ups to get a hold and pass the time with. A seemingly perfect place for Mahjong Duels.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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