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Facebook Mahjong MegaZebra 3D TravelMahjong
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Travel around the world to enjoy an endless amount of Mahjong Fun

Match pairs of mahjong tiles as fast as you can to earn the most points

Earn tickets by adding friends and use them to unlock new cities

Take a tour with this Mahjong game and take in the sights. Earn coins and play with your friends. Starting off in Brazil you are instantly taken to your first Mahjong game, as you progress on you journey you will find more and more advanced tile patterns.

Earn experience and coins as you play through the games, these coins can be spent on in game boosts, and for extra lives. Your lives refresh over time, and you can buy coins for real money on Facebook. The coins can also be spent on new tiles and backgrounds, to fully personalise your Mahjong experience.

Each game that you play has a timer, and to clear a level you need to score a certain amount of points. With 1-3 stars being awarded for overall score. The faster that you find matched pairs the more points you will get, these points then count towards your experience level. Every time you level you will also receive a coin.

As you clear tiles away you will be awarded extra time back on the clock and as long as you get to the 1st star you will be able to progress on your route. However when you finish a particular city, you will need to get a ticket. These tickets are given to you when you add friends to the game, there are also tournaments for the most points scored amongst your friends that will automatically calculate at the end of each week.

The boards themselves come in a variety of shapes, from simple 1 layer circles to 5 layer bow ties. The starting tiles follow the traditional symbols, and are easy to identify against the background. Using just the mouse you match up the pairs of tiles, and they are removed as normal.

The world map is easy to follow, and as you progress across the world the patterns become more complicated, but you also unlock more bonuses, such as extra time or the ability to move a tile in the middle of a line.

Mahjong Trails adds a new story to the classic game, with hours of playable levels, and the ability to add different tiles that have a higher point scores make playing some of the older levels more interesting, allowing for a more refreshing replay value than some other games. Some of the tile sets are also quite expensive, requiring a lot of coins to purchase them. But earning the coins is a fun experience and there are so many shapes and patterns in Mahjong trails that you won’t get bored any time soon. Mahjong Trails Beschreibung

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