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Publicaciones más Antiguas sábado, diciembre 31, 2016

Juego Nuevo Añadido: Mahjong Maya

Mahjong Maya gameplay Mahjong Maya creative level design Mahjong Maya cat shaped layout Enjoy this addicting and fast-paced mahjong game that comes with a competitive twist.

Go against players from around the world in intense mahjong based duels.

Participate in tournaments to demonstrate your skills on the bigger stage.
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sábado, diciembre 31, 2016

Juego Nuevo Añadido: Mahjong Panda

Mahjong Panda Default Tile Mahjong Panda Daily Wheel of Fortune Mahjong Panda Signs Tiles Purchase new tiles that give you more points than the default.

Explore different locations as you progress in the levels.

Experience Mahjong like never before.
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viernes, diciembre 16, 2016

Juego Nuevo Añadido: Mahjong Toychest

Mahjong Toychest: Game Play Unique View in Mahjong Toychest Mahjong Toychest: Different Stages Looking for an exciting game of Mahjong? Try out Mahjong Toychest.

Enjoy a unique grid of tiles every time you play the game.

Score as much as you can in a limited time match.
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jueves, noviembre 10, 2016

Juego Nuevo Añadido: Aztec Mahjong

Aztec Mahjong: Game Play Matching Tiles in Aztec Mahjong Aztec Mahjong: Race Against Time Looking for a classic game of traditional Mahjong? Try out Aztec Mahjong for some serious fun.

Play over 20 levels with unique challenges in an exciting timed mode.

Unlock new levels and try to get the highest score possible.
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jueves, diciembre 22, 2016

Juego Nuevo Añadido: Mahjong Village

Mahjong Village beautiful village Mahjong Village gameplay Mahjong Village level select Get hooked on this highly addictive mahjong game that won't cease to impress.

Enjoy hundreds of expertly designed levels that'll test your mahjong skills.

Choose from a variety of different tile themes, each with its own unique design.
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lunes, octubre 31, 2016

Nuevo Artículo Agregado: Mahjong Games for the Holiday Season

Mahjong Games for the Holiday Season preview image What games should you play for Christmas? Leer Más
jueves, octubre 13, 2016

Juego Nuevo Añadido: Mahjong Free

Mahjong Free: Removing Tiles Game Play of Mahjong Free Mahjong Free: Playing Timed Mode Knock that boredom out of the park with this addicting Mahjong Free game.

Play Mahjong in more than 100 unique layouts.

Enjoy two epic game modes for never ending fun.
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miércoles, enero 28, 2015

Juego Nuevo Añadido: Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2

Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2: Japanese theme Making a match in Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2: Superb graphics Rejoin the adventure in a brilliant Mahjong Game.

Collect pearls to spend on hints and shuffles as well as use special booster tiles.

Play through lots of fun levels with a huge range of great patterns.
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viernes, noviembre 25, 2016

Juego Nuevo Añadido: The Great Mahjong

The Great Mahjong Square Layout The Great Mahjong Diamond Shaped Layout The Great Mahjong Challenging Layout Get ready to experience a simple yet challenging Mahjong game.

Find pairs of tiles and remove them from the board.

Choose from various layouts, each with their own level of difficulty and challenges.
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lunes, diciembre 5, 2016

Juego Nuevo Añadido: Mahjong Deluxe 3

Mahjong Deluxe 3: Amazing 3D mahjong puzzles Elephant layout in Mahjong Deluxe 3 Mahjong Deluxe 3: Brilliant effects Match the tiles but make sure their path is not obstructed

Challenge your memory and pay attention to detail

Enjoy many challenging mahjong puzzles with varying layouts
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