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Apr 7, 2015 A Pirate Pairing Game, Mate! 1     0 If looks can be deceiving then Mahjong Pirates has definitely mastered such devious charm. At the onset, the game deems to be a simple pairing game and yet tricks any player into thinking that all is easy and breezy. But it is not. This perhaps is something all modern mahjong games have in common, the general notion of players underestimating its gameplay for just being another tile pairing game, easy to dismiss and overcome. But this underestimation can also work in wonders as humans always love a good challenge. So when the going gets tough, the players keep playing.

Mahjong Pirates is a game that throws in a good blend of various game elements such as great graphics, time attack, reflex (if youre outrageously competitive) and a tile matching theme. With those aspects, the game challenges you to clear the screen by pairing clusters of tiles of the same value at a given time limit. The basic premise of the game is to clear the screen as fast and as strategic as possible.

Unlike the traditional mahjong, the modern day variant of the game is developed for a single player experience. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the rules the game, the aim is to pair up and remove tiles that are accessible (usually the top most tiles and outer skirts of the cluster) to the player and clear all tiles on the screen within the given time duration. Its relatively simple to pick up but rather gets difficult as you progress on stages that contain a hefty bunch of stacked clusters on it.

Expecting to win over the levels over and over will prove to disappoint you. The concluding areas of the game as you progress will lay even more tiles at an even more random stacking order and may generally fall down to the luck to beat it. Although disheartening (especially when you are close to beating it), the satisfaction you get multiplies several folds (the number of attempts) when you get to beat the level.

A few points of interests are also introduced in the game. Such is the use of an in game currency in the form of Coins. Coins are rewarded every ten minutes of play in the game and by clearing out stages that reward them. They are used to purchase several items in the game including the maps that unlock the concluding islands (stages) that takes you to the challenges. Completing these islands also present an achievement gallery that composes the bits of pieces (that completes) of a pirate ship portrait along with an achievement journal. Coins can also be used in purchasing custom backgrounds for the game and pattern sets for the tiles.

The presentation is functional, easy to understand and offers quite a cute and fancy pirate motif to it. The allotment of purchasable backgrounds and mahjong tile design sets gave a nice little touch to promote a fresh look to the game every time. The accompanying audio effects are little added details that altogether heightened the game experience. The background music although a bit repetitive, is a fancy theme catcher that adds life to the overall theme design.

Mahjong Pirates wont get you to play the real classic mahjong game, but will surely provide a decent level satisfaction playing it. Despite the simplicity of the mechanics, once you get to your rhythm, the game can be totally addictive and chew a lot of your time playing it.
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