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China Mahjong preview image
Big Fish Mahjong 3D Mahjong
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Pair up Mahjong tiles and win the levels.

Choose from more than 10 layouts to challenge yourself with.

Enjoy a game of Mahjong with soothing background music and images.

Mahjong, like Solitaire, is one of those games that anyone can play without much in terms of system requirements. That is what China Mahjong is all about. You can just go to your favorite browser, go to the Big Fish website and find its home page. It’s an online game, after all! You’ll actually be surprised at what’s in store for you with this Mahjong title.

If challenge is what you’re looking for, this game has it in abundance for you. There are more than 200 Layouts to choose from when playing the game. We all know that the layouts of the tiles are a big factor in determining the challenge and difficulty that any Mahjong game can bring. With more than 200 layouts, you’ll find that there’s no end to challenges and difficulties here.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that China Mahjong is a very difficult game to play. Challenge is just part and parcel of the package, after all. Now, to refresh your memory, the gameplay is strikingly similar to a Pairs game – you click on tile, look for its pair, and click it to clear the two off the board. The concept is simple, but the challenge comes in the form of looking for any tile’s pair that is not bordered by any other tile. The more complicated the layout is, the more tiles you have to look at – and the more tiles you’ll find that are constrained by other tiles.

If you do get stuck, however, the game lets you reshuffle the tiles. You can also use the Hint to find pairs that you were not able to see earlier. Using these power ups will have an effect on your score, however.

If the classic tile layouts are not difficult enough for you, you’ll find that the game incorporates several special or customized layouts like the Pikachu layout. That’s basically a layout patterned after a popular character in another video game. There is also a layout that is patterned after a popular spy action movie as well.

Monotony is something that the game tries to avoid here. Monotony and, with it, boredom can set in when your background image remains the same all throughout your playing. The game, thankfully, lets you customize your background before your game begins. What do you have to choose from? You’ll find that, like the layouts, the game offers a lot of backgrounds for you as well. You can choose from a sizeable database of paintings depicting beautiful scenes in China that you can choose from for your game background.

Are you a fan of 3-dimensional gameplay? Then you’ll be delighted to find out that the game lets you pick between 2D and 3D tile layouts! Playing Mahjong in 3D is one of those experiences that you should be having – it simply increases the difficulty up a few notches, raising the enjoyment level as well.

If you’re getting curious, give it a try! Simply go to the Big Fish website, click on Online Games, and look for China Mahjong. It’s free to play, and does not require you to download or install anything to your computer. China Mahjong Summary

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Choose from more than 10 layouts to challenge yourself with.

Enjoy a game of Mahjong with soothing background music and images.
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