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csütörtök, május 22, 2014

Facebook Mahjong Games Gallery

Facebook is a great platform to play great Mahjong Games, and we're happy to present some of the best mahjong games on Facebook. Mahjong Diamonds Mahjong Pirates Mahjong Trails Mahjong Zen This gallery present 4 great Mahjong games on Facebook, they're the following (from left to right) -

Mahjong Diamonds - Discover amazing Mahjong tile, backgrounds, motifs and pieces. Create your individual Mahjong experience, enjoy the best Mahjong customization!

Mahjong Pirates - Solve Puzzles in order to bring your broken ship back to its former glory! Travel around the world with your ship, collect treasures and trophies!

Mahjong Trails - Start at South America and travel to China, discover the world of Mahjong -you can play regular Mahjong game, or enjoy the fast pace action of Mahjong Blitz!

Mahjong Zen - Mahjong Zen is a classic Mahjong game that’s free to play on Facebook. Play against your friends or you can play against other users in tournaments through the game.