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Top 10 3D Games

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Games with 3D Graphics use characters and environments that support three dimensional representation. These games look and feel much more like the real world as the objects you see are not flat but stand out. 10 Mahjong The Secret Garden

Mahjong Garden

You have inherited a a secret garden and now must work to restore it to it's former glory.

Travel to different location and unlock many new items to enhance your garden.

Play hundreds of different mahjong games along the way and compete with friends and family.
7.6 Rate
9 Alchemy


Match the tiles in a great looking Mahjong game.

Play through challenging tile sets you can shuffle to maximize the fun.

Clear the level the fastest before time runs out and be the best.
7.7 Rate
8 Our Mahjong

Our Mahjong

Show your skills playing Mahjong Online!

Get the best number of pairs possible in the shortest time possible.

Play online on Facebook and share with friends.
7.7 Rate
7 Mahjong Wonders

Mahjong Wonders

Play through an amazing Mahjong experience packed with over 150 different levels.

Explore the multiple worlds of more than 10 different civilizations of the past.

Utilize the given custom tile-sets to play the game the way you like it.
7.7 Rate
6 Redstone Mahjong

Redstone Mahjong

Enjoy a stunning take on the classic mahjong game and tiles.

Clear the fun and unique patterns as fast as you can.

Take advantage of the auto sort when you have no moves left.
7.8 Rate
5 Super Mahjong Solitaire

Super Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong With Super Mahjong you can enjoy a fabulous Mahjong game, with lots of layouts to choose from.

Pick your tile style and play.

Choose your favorite layouts from over 20 options.

Use your boosters to help you.
7.8 Rate
4 Prototseratopsy


Play a colorful mahjong game with a cool dinosaurs theme.

Match the same tiles with two opened adjacent sides.

Clear all the tiles and finish all the levels.
7.8 Rate
3 Mahjong Wonders 3D

Mahjong Wonders 3D

Mahjong Play this awesome mahjong game that’ll give you hours upon hours of fun and enjoyment.

Enjoy over 400 phenomenal levels, each with its own distinct design.

Participate in fast-paced tournaments to demonstrate your mahjong skills to the world.
7.9 Rate
2 Mahjong Quest

Mahjong Quest

With Mahjong Quest you are able to take on some really fun patterns using a variety of tile styles.

Play to clear a certain number of tiles.

Match against the clock.

Use boosters to help you.
8 Rate
1 Mahjong Toy

Mahjong Toy

Enjoy a beautiful and animated mahjong game.

Play again for different levels and keep your score to see your improvement.

Play against time and try to clear the level before time runs out.
8.4 Rate