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What makes a good Mahjong Game

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Mahjong is incredibly popular and still a growing area of games, here we will discuss what makes some of these games so good. Mahjong Spiele kostenlos - What makes a good Mahjong Game

With the explosion of Mahjong across the world there are more and more versions of this fabulous game being made, in this article we will discuss some of the things that make a great Mahjong game.

When you play Mahjong there are a couple of things that really stand out, and that people see when they first play the game. The first of these is the pattern of the tiles that is used. From the classic pyramid there are hundreds of combinations available to play. Not every game will use the standard number of tiles, and this gives flexibility to the layouts used.

The only real difficulty in designing a table of tiles is that you have to be able to make matches as you go. As long as you can set the tiles to edges the only limit to the design is your imagination. Many games start with simple patterns with a small number of tiles, and then grow into boats, smiley faces or animal shapes. There are some amazing patterns around in some Mahjong games.

But its not just the pattern, its the tiles themselves that need to look good. There are many patterns in use, from the traditional coins, bamboo and winds sets to more modern or even fantastical designs. Drawing these to a high standard and quality is really important if you want to present a great game.

Making the tiles look slightly 3D or adding bright colouring as well as a clear design will help improve the quality of the tiles. If you are not using the traditional tiles whatever you choose as a replacement needs to look and feel consistent with essence of Mahjong. Many of these different designs run on a theme. Some use animals and others have used stories or fairy tales as inspiration.

Some of the best games available use or play upon these themes to create a story in which you play Mahjong to complete goals or open more of the tale. The addition of a story can add a really nice flow and extra touch to these games. Even if you don’t really follow the story these games tend to be of a higher quality to play.

Many of the newer Mahjong games on Facebook also give the option to play with, or against other people. From asking your friends to help on a story style game to playing a board live against a random person this social style of game is becoming ever more popular.

When you are playing a game, there are a lot of games that allow you to undo a move, or use a hint to show you a possible move. These have always been useful to a player and a great addition to Mahjong. With the newer and ever larger games being produced these useful tools have developed into something more.

In these games you now have access to special boosters, or powerups that provide much bigger bonuses or abilities as you play. As the games have grown and become more difficult providing the option to use one of these special tools not only will help you progress through the game, but grants that extra choice. Having slightly more control over the game is a fantastic feeling.

It is not just the larger Facebook games that have some great looking tiles and layouts, there are lots of games that have both of these and much more. Finding any Mahjong is easy, finding a great game is a little harder, and when you do it is amazing. Mahjong has been around for a very long time, and with more new games being created all the time, it looks like that they are here to stay.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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