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Why Mahjong Is Relaxing

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Mahjong is more than just a game. It's a very therapeutic form of entertainment. Mahjong Spiele kostenlos - Why Mahjong Is Relaxing

There are plenty of games that you can play over the Internet, but Mahjong trumps them all, in a way. This game is more than just a game for the casual gamer. It has several benefits that most people actually overlook because of the genre’s simplicity and perceived lack of challenges.

For starters, Mahjong is very relaxing, making it a very ideal genre for people who are stressed out for the most part of their day. It’s a fact that the genre’s mechanics are very simple – you only need to clear the board of the Mahjong tiles by pairing them up with their partners found somewhere within the screen. Accomplish this, and you’re done…. at least for a level.

With Mahjong, there’s no need to look extra hard for something that’s hiding in plain sight, as you would when playing Hidden Object games. There’s also none of the stress involved when competing with other players in MMORPGs or first-person shooter games. Of course, it’s a lot less casual than Match 3 games, which proceed a lot faster and could give players a lot of pressure.

So, while you do exert some effort to look for matching tiles, the pace is a lot slower when playing Mahjong games. This actually allows your mind to relax or, at the least, slow down the pace at which it is processing information. In Mahjong, the only things your mind needs to concentrate on are the markings on the tiles. Once it finds a matching tile, it will then direct your hand to click on that other tile to complete a pair. Because of that, the mind gradually learns to rest a bit.

In addition, you’ll notice that most Mahjong games feature beautiful backgrounds, usually picturesque lakes and landscapes in Asia. You might take those backgrounds for granted, and allow them to blend into the game. That’s exactly what they are – they are designed to keep your mind from thinking too much about the background and focus only on the game. If you do look at the images, you’ll find that they are rendered in colors that are not overly attractive and could become distracting. The colors also relax one’s eyes.

Mahjong’s relaxing nature extends also to the background music. The games almost always feature beautiful Oriental music that has the effect of further soothing the mind and make it more open to information without being overwhelmed. There’s a calming effect, in other words. People may not notice it, but Mahjong music is actually one of the reasons that people get hooked into the genre.

To summarize, the three elements of Mahjong games – imagery, soundtrack and gameplay – all blend together to achieve a meditative effect. Your mind starts to relax, all your mental burdens are released for the time being, and you enjoy a great time. By the time you’re done, your mind is refreshed and ready to take on more of the day’s work.

There are many Mahjong games that you can play. Just do a wide search, for example, on Big Fish and take your pick!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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